This article was written by the editors of The Salonniere.

It’s time to pop the Champagne! After six months of querying more than 1,000 in-the-know social authorities, including journalists, philanthropists, not-for-profit fundraisers, social luminaries, event planners, and cultural and business leaders from coast to coast, we are proud to announce the 2018 Salonniere 100, our annual list honoring America’s 100 best party hosts. The 2018 Salonniere 100 spotlights honorees from 34 cities and 28 states in the United States and represents a diverse and brilliantly creative group of men and women who share one common trait: an exceptional ability to leverage the power of parties to enhance the lives of others.

Honorees Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber of Los Angeles at their 2017 Halloween party

“From prehistoric times to the era of the French salonnieres—the social influencers of their time—to today, parties have always played a pivotal role in human civilization,” said Carla McDonald, The Salonniere‘s founder and editor in chief. “The Salonniere 100 is our way of honoring those who are continuing the tradition of hosting parties with a purpose. Whether they’re welcoming guests to support causes, advance ideas, unite people, or simply bring joy to others, the Salonniere 100 honorees are America’s most gifted and influential cultural connectors.”

Honorees Amy Virginia Buchanan and Patrick Janelle of New York

Among those making the Salonniere 100 for the first time this year are:

• Artist Amy Virginia Buchanan and entrepreneur Patrick Janelle, who host wildly imaginative dinner parties in unusual places with the goal of building America’s creative culture (New York, NY)
• Kiyomi Buker, social secretary to the Ambassador of Japan, who relies on the Japanese idea of “ichigo, ichie,” meaning “one time, one meeting,” to inspire her parties (Washington, DC)
• Heidi Klum (New York, NY) and Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber (Los Angeles, CA), whose annual Halloween celebrations have become two of the country’s most coveted party invitations
• Solange Knowles, Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, model, and actor, who is known for throwing “sexy parties with a super-cool vibe” (New Orleans, LA)
• Reese Witherspoon, actor, producer, and entrepreneur, who infuses all her parties with southern charm and has become known as one of the nation’s most gracious hostesses (Los Angeles, CA)

Honoree Solange Knowles of New Orleans and her husband, Alan Ferguson

Honorees are listed alphabetically according to the most frequently cited nominees from each city. Only cities with a sufficient number of nominees are included. The nominees most frequently mentioned were reviewed by The Salonniere team to compile the final list. A special focus was placed on those who entertain with enthusiasm, creativity, passion, and flair. Party planners and other event professionals were not eligible.

Aspen, CO
Melissa and Marc Ganzi*
Amy Phelan*

Atlanta, GA
James Farmer
Annette Joseph*
Danielle Rollins*

Austin, TX
Mónica Peraza
Nina Seely

Boston, MA
Alli Achtmeyer*
Jean and Christopher Egan

Honoree Carolyne Roehm of Charleston toasting guest of honor Julian Fellowes

Charleston, SC
Patricia Altschul*
Lee Manigault
Ann Merck
Carolyne Roehm*

Charlotte, NC
Felicia and Herb Gray
Danialle and Pete Karmanos

Chicago honoree Ikram Goldman

Chicago, IL
Alessandra Branca*
Ikram Goldman*

Cincinnati, OH
Ryan Messer and Jimmy Musuraca

Dallas, TX
Brooke and Blake Davenport
Cindy Rachofsky*
Nancy and Richard Rogers
Kimberly Schlegel Whitman*

Denver, CO
Tammy Abramovitz
Christie Isenberg
Christine Vazquez

Detroit honorees Ed Welburn and Jessie Elliott

Detroit, MI
Chuck Bennett*
Jessie Elliott and Ed Welburn
Danialle and Pete Karmanos
Diane and Tom Schoenith*
Mona and Matt Simoncini

Great Falls, MT
Sydne George

Hartford, CT
Bunny Williams*

Houston honoree Paige Fertitta and her husband Tilman at their 2017 Mardi Gras party

Houston, TX
Paige Fertitta
Lucinda Loya*
Becca Cason Thrash*
Phoebe Tudor*
Sheridan Williams
Lynn Wyatt*

Lexington, KY
Jon Carloftis and Dale Fisher*

Little Rock, AK
Tobi Wells Fairley*

Louisville, KY
Priscilla Barnstable and Patricia Barnstable-Brown
Tammy York Day and Tonya York Dees

Los Angeles honoree Christine Chiu at her 2017 S.E.X. party

Los Angeles, CA
Barbara Broccoli
Christine Chiu
Eva Chow*
Timothy Corrigan
Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber
Crystal Lourd
Lisa McRee*
Irena and Mike Medavoy
Reese Witherspoon

Macon, GA
Carey Pickard and Christopher Howard

Miami, FL
Trudy Cejas
Sarah Harrelson
Craig Robbins

Nashville honorees Fletcher Foster and Daniel Johnson

Nashville, TN
Janet and Jim Ayers
Fletcher Foster and Dennis Johnson

New Orleans, LA
Mary Clare and Danny Conwill
Sara Ruffin Costello*
Dawn DeDeaux
Jane Scott Hodges
Allison Kendrick
Solange Knowles
Julia Reed*

New York, NY
Dennis Basso*
Daniel Benedict and Andrew Saffir*
Deeda Blair
Amy Virginia Buchanan and Patrick Janelle
Michael Devine*
Cathy Graham
Dayssi de Kanavos
Heidi Klum
Ashley McDermott*
Stephanie Nass
Lela Rose*

Newport, RI
Bettie Bearden Pardee*

Orlando, FL
Dana Marie Roquemore*

Palm Beach, FL
Annie Falk*
Terry Allen Kramer
Kit Pannill
Pauline Pitt
Steven Stolman*
Kathryn Vecellio*

Philadelphia, PA
Natanya DiBona*

Phoenix, AZ
Renee and Bob Parsons
Jordan and Jason Rose

San Diego, CA
Joan and Irwin Jacobs

San Francisco, CA
Susan MacTavish Best
Ken Fulk*
Vanessa Getty
Monelle Totah and Gary McNatton
Alexis and Trevor Traina*

Santa Barbara, CA
Oprah Winfrey*

Savannah, GA
Alexandra Trujillo de Taylor

Tampa, FL
Carmen and Harry Barkett
Sara and David Scher

Washington, DC
Katherine and David Bradley*
Kiyomi Buker
Buffy Cafritz
Hilary Geary Ross

* Appeared on the 2017 Salonniere 100