It’s getting close to the big day & you know what that means! Normally, I am a very well planned in advance kind of gift giver but this year I have dropped my peppermint ball! I have pulled together 50 of my favorite gift giving ideas under $50 & hope that keeps me off the naughty list!!!

1. For the hostess with the mostess on your holiday list – My book!

2. Don’t forget the Fido lovers sure to please all breeds!

3. A little red nail polish can always come in handy! Add a certificate for a manicure if you really want to make it zing!

4. A cook can never have enough

5. For the coffee lover why not tuck in a gift card for a cup on the run too?

6. Perfect for the puzzle lover on your list

7. Tasteful, chic and useful. Say no more!

8. Oh did I mention I wear Lime Basil Mandarin?

9. A luxury to give and to receive!

10. A nice little coffee table book on how to make a coffee table just so!

11. Perfect to keep on hand for last minute cocktail nibbles and a great gift to send to out of towners!

12. For the Scrooge you just cant resist giving a gift to anyway!

13. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a big welcoming roaring fire! And this is one of my favorite gifts to give and to receive!

14. Another bookshelf favorite

15. Bird and nature lovers on your list will love this gift!

16. For Southerners and would be or wanna be Southerners

17. Apple of your eye placecard holders for setting a festive table anytime of the year!

18. Because everyone needs a little Ho Ho Ho right about this time of the year! And they would double as adorable flower containers on a children’s holiday table!

19. Add a little sparkle to someone’s day! And maybe get one for yourself too!

20. Everyone has someone who is that golf obsessed person who would get a big smile opening this little pocket friend

21. A little Lilly to bring some sunshine to chase away the winter doldrums?

22. I have never met a gingham I didn’t like!

23. Wouldn’t this be a perfect gift for the young ladies in your life? For a real wow spell out their name! Perfect for the college kids who can’t have candles in a dorm room!

24. Everyday luxury for the fellow in your life

25. A roar of a good deal for the bambino on your list

26. A cold weather classic that never goes out of style

27. A thoughtful host or hostess gift just about anyone can appreciate a little added way to brighten up a powder room.

28. Last minute pop a picture in and wrap gift-hey it happens to the best of us!

29. This little piggy went to market, why don’t you make it extra special by adding a selection of your favorite cheese and sausages for instant appetizer ready to go gift?

30. A great gift to give to for a family with little ones around or to have on hand for young visitors!

31. Everyone can use an extra keychain! I love these for a “Thanks for having me as a guest” gift or any occasion gift!

32. I love these gardenia candles! It’s like giving someone early summer in the south!!

33. Izola™ Nested Shot Glasses

34. Christmas crackers are something I have always set my holiday tables with & my children love them! They’re great for a dinner party too!!

35. Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

36. One of my favorite Bloody Mary Mixes would be a great gift just in time for using it this New Years Day! My recipe is on the website, easily downloaded, too!

37. Bag-all: Pens, Lipstick, Etc Small Organizing Bag

38. Rachael Ray Stoneware 12-Cup Sittin’ Pretty Egg Tray

39. KOUBOO Rectangular High-Walled Rattan Serving Tray

40. Dior Diorshow Blackout Makeup

41. Chanel Le Top Coat Lame Rouge Noir

42. I discovered these great little jars of seasoning in Chicago this summer and now I give them to everyone I can!

43. I like a little jingle jangle and a gift that can be added to! More is more on an armful of these great bangles!

44. I like a little ombré on just amount anything & this scarf would be a perfect accoutrement to top off a look!

45. Cocktails would taste much better shaken with this little chic shaker! Don’t you think they’d work for any bar set up?

46. Give a gift of priceless treasures that keeps on giving! Give a museum
Membership to a museum you know the recipient would enjoy visiting! I travel to NYC so much & I found myself visiting The Met between appointments & meetings so much that I put a gift card & year long pass in my own stocking this year.

47. I’m giving these to everyone I know this holiday!

48. I love the plaid sleep masks for a frequent flyer & stylish traveler on Santa’s list.

49. I’m obsessed with these chic dog leashes from ShopHarx! Stylish & functional for the pooch & the walker!

50. I love giving gifts with a personal flair & “I wouldn’t have thought of that but love it” from the recipient kind of gifts. I buy vintage plates on eBay some for serving but sometimes for off purpose uses! Why not give potted paper whites in clay pots with a slightly imperfect but obviously well loved vintage plates for the saucers?