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To the Fabulous Women We Call Mom

Since I can't be with my mother this weekend I am reposting this in honor of her. Here's to all of the moms out there who have sacrificed their bodies, their time and their precious resources in the name of love. We adore you! *** "The noblest calling in the world is that of a mother. True motherhood is the most beautiful of all arts, the greatest of all[...]

Join Me For "Love It or Hate It" at LCDQ Legends 2017

I am so excited to be participating in the fun & funny game of Love It or Hate It during the LCDQ Blogger Breakfast, at Hollyhock on Wednesday, May 10. Chairish Co-Founder, Anna Brockway, will be leading the game along with the fabulous Nate Berkus! Grab your coffee for an early morning laughter filled wake up session! Learn more about the event and r[...]

Maintain a Pristine Landscape With ForeverLawn

Recently, Danielle sat down with Debbie Thompson from ForeverLawn to discuss how her company has helped shape the landscape of lawns across the North and Central Georgia areas. ForeverLawn of North Central Georgia transforms a tired yard into a landscaped paradise that looks lush year-round. Imagine, no more watering, mowing, fertilizing, sodding, or mud tra[...]

John Howard's 12 Top Tips for Garden Design

My friend and landscape architect, John Howard, has been awarded a number of awards for his contribution in the field of  landscape/garden design. He recently took the time to share some garden design tips with us! Keep it simple – A panel of lawn with a border of shrubs can be quite dramatic and provide a great place for recreation and entertaining. One[...]

Paint It Pretty

This article was originally posted on Diamonds Unleashed. I am a designer known for my absolute unadulterated, unabashed sheer and utter love of color and paint. Peppered throughout my well followed Instagram feed you’ll find my coined phrases #paintitpretty and #colormehappy in the editorial of my photo feed and now reused all over in the unofficially acce[...]

Miles Redd's Tips for Decorating

Miles Redd, my dear friend, the most amazing interior designer and author of “The Big Book of Chic”, is known for bold color combinations tempered by old world antiques with a touch of Alice in Wonderland magic.  So we asked him to share with us his top 12 decorating tips for adding a dash of glamour to any room.  P.S. - To my fellow Piscean and man that sha[...]

Big Game Tailgate Cocktails

There's nothing like good tailgate cocktails! The biggest game of the season is just days away! Today we will share two tasty drinks guaranteed to score big with your family and friends. Enjoy! - - - - - Cranberry Mint Julep 1 oz. cranberry juice 2 oz. your favorite Bourbon - mine is Bulleit 2 sprigs of mint 1 oz. lime flavored club soda 1. [...]

For Festive Floral Occasions

What do you get when you are blessed with the incredible talent of Veranda Magazine, floral decor in honor of The New York Botanical Garden, a bevy of exclusive design houses and creative entrepreneurs at the top of their game? The Star of the Party Being a part of the Veranda New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner is always a thrill. It is an exciting [...]

Essentials for a Great Guest Room

My experiences as a houseguest - positive and negative - have caused me to rethink having guests in my  own house. Note: if you have so graciously put my tired weary little bones up for a night, please know this is all a good faith learning experiment ... NOT a critique!! MAKE THE BED COMFORTABLE. If it is an older mattress transferred to the guest room aft[...]

An Apple A Day...

Now, I know you didn't overindulge over the holidays darling, so this post is not for you... but you may want to have this in your archive just in case someone ever takes over your body and lives life like Riley! David Kirsch 48 Hour Super Charged Cleanse I love a good cleanse to flush my body and kickstart my metabolism after any (shall we say) excessiv[...]



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