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Give your Picnic a Gourmet Twist

Having a gourmet picnic doesn't m­ean you have to abandon simplicity. Instead, focus on foods that rely on natural flavors and don't need to...

Tips to Hosting a Spring Brunch

I'm beyond THRILLED to share my entertaining tips for hosting a spring brunch! Over the next week we will share entertaining tips, a cocktai...

Planning a Heartfelt Dinner at Home

If procrastinating is your strong suit and you still haven’t made dinner reservations to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Danielle’s cupids are he...

A Rustic Thanksgiving

On a normal Thanksgiving Day, you can find the temperature in Atlanta quite comfortable and just warm enough to entertain your guest outdoor...

A Southern Tailgate

That time of year is here again and I'm so excited!  One of the greatest traditions dear to the hearts of college football fans everywhere i...

Don't Stop the Music!

Essence comes from the Greek expression that means ti esti, literally “what it is.” I start here when planning—what is it I want to accompli...

Host a Stunning Soiree and Enjoy It!

When you throw a party, do you spend the entire time worrying about every little detail rather than enjoying the gathering itself? When you ...



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