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Paint It Pretty

This article was originally posted on Diamonds Unleashed. I am a designer known for my absolute unadulterated, unabashed sheer and utter lo...

Miles Redd's Tips for Decorating

Miles Redd, my dear friend, the most amazing interior designer and author of “The Big Book of Chic”, is known for bold color combinations te...

For Festive Floral Occasions

What do you get when you are blessed with the incredible talent of Veranda Magazine, floral decor in honor of The New York Botanical Garden,...

Essentials for a Great Guest Room

My experiences as a houseguest - positive and negative - have caused me to rethink having guests in my  own house. Note: if you have so grac...

Host a Stunning Soiree and Enjoy It!

When you throw a party, do you spend the entire time worrying about every little detail rather than enjoying the gathering itself? When you ...

Gracious Living: Hostess Gifts

Need a creative thank-you idea for the gracious host? These fantastic gifts are a few of my picks that are sure to encourage a return invita...

Dorm Room Decor: Gifting Your Grads

I have quite a few high school graduates in my world this May. My son, Emerson, my god-daughter, Carolina and my very own intern, Kakki, are...

The Amazing Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn is a TV producer-turned-interior-designer. He is one of's leading writer-producer-designers and served as desig...



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