Now, I know you didn’t overindulge over the holidays darling, so this post is not for you… but you may want to have this in your archive just in case someone ever takes over your body and lives life like Riley!

David Kirsch 48 Cleanse

David Kirsch 48 Hour Super Charged Cleanse

I love a good cleanse to flush my body and kickstart my metabolism after any (shall we say) excessive weekends away from my normal routine. David Kirsch’s holistic approach to wellness has helped countless A-Listers transform their lives and bodies.

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David Kirsch Wellness Ultimate Detox Kit

If you’re really serious, try this five day Ultimate Detox Kit. It is a natural detox nutrition system that has everything you need to get your body feeling healthy and it even comes in chocolate!

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Green Lemonade


I am a big fan of juicing and feeding your body the good things fruits and vegetables offer. To get the most benefit from the nutrients, juices are best consumed immediately. I vastly prefer doing them at home with organic produce – or make sure they are extracted at the store right before you buy them. Some of the cold-pressed varieties are said to maintain their nutritional value but I feel if possible fresh is best.

Large handful baby spinach (about 2 cups, unpacked)
2 large romaine leaves
1 stalk celery
1 green apple (if you like it sweeter a gala apple may be used)
1 entire lemon
1/2-inch piece ginger

Pulp away and enjoy!

Breville juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer

A quality juicer is a staple in my kitchen.


Anthropologie Fleur-De-Lys Tumbler

If you’re planning to focus on liquids for a cleanse, I recommend using the cutest glassware you can find to make it more palatable. I have been known to use the crystal as well… cleansing should be glamorous too!

Kim Seybert OMG Shoes CN

Kim Seybert OMG Shoe Cocktail Napkins

Did I say glamour? If you girlfriends come over after yoga for a juice, why not serve them their nectar on these? I’m guessing if they’re your gals, they share your shoe fetish.


Style Firm Los Angeles Shelter Hoodie


Style Firm Los Angeles Absolute Boot Cut Pant

Yes! While you are cleansing you should be sweating. Do it in style in these flattering, functional pieces by Style Firm Los Angeles. You may not wear them all day (but you will certainly want to!)

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