The following excerpt is from Danielle’s conversation with Jada as part of the article, “5 Questions for: Entertaining Expert Danielle Rollins.” The story was originally posted on the Jada Loveless blog on December 16, 2016.

As we begin welcoming guests and wrapping presents, we were thrilled to catch up with our friend, expert hostess and tastemaker Danielle Rollins on everything she loves about the happiest season of all. Featured in publications from Veranda, to Southern Living to the Wall Street Journal, it’s safe to say Danielle knows a thing or two about holiday hosting. We love how she balances stylish entertaining with a sense of humor and heart that inspires you to focus on what matters most about this season: connecting with the ones you love.


Danielle Rollins for Chicos InsideChic. Photo:

JL: What are your favorite holiday traditions?
DR: I love the holidays- truly just everything about them! Like flowers, it’s the seasonal & very temporary joy that is fleeting that makes them so magical. I think I will always love driving around at night to see the holiday decorations because it puts me in such a festive mood!

JL: What are you most looking forward to in the New Year?
DR: Another year older, another year wiser! Life is a series of lessons & blessings. I try to use my lessons from the past, with out any regret to make informed decisions going forward to increase the blessings in my life.

JL: You were recently asked to star in Chico’s holiday catalog. What was your favorite part of the Chico’s experience?
DR: All of it! I mean, what a pinch me moment if there ever was one! It is a validation that middle age is not mediocre & you really can do anything! I am very flattered that an audience likes what I have to say & I love being able to connect with so many people through my sense of style.

JL: You were also recently named as one of the Salonniere’s Too 100 party hosts–again! What do you love most about entertaining over the holidays?
DR: I am a homebody at heart, so I relish every aspect, whether it is the planning & preparation to have people over or getting dressed up & going out to holiday parties at someone else’s home. I love the seasonal touches to a home, and the chance to connect, celebrate & raise a glass of cheer with friends & family. It really is the most wonderful time of the year- just like the song goes!

JL: Fill in the blank: if I die while shopping, I’d like it to be at ____ with ___in-hand.
DR: If I die while shopping, I’d like it to be at a flower market with a clutch of beautiful fragrant flowers in-hand.