Some sounds just command the ear when created with honest pursuit; such is the case with Quiet Hounds. These are gentlemen (and my dear friends) of various talents unexpectedly united with the unabashed desire to produce pure, authentic music with only spontaneity as a guide, and their music is just as amazing as they are! Since traveling on tour is the norm, they were gracious enough to share some of their favorite eateries.  Just reading this post will make your mouth water!  Yum, yum and enjoy!

Ben’s Chili Bowl
We never leave without a stop here — such an institution in DC.  The secret recipe chili is some of the best in the country.

Tommy DiNic’s
Everyone thinks Philly is all about the cheese steak sandwich, but the locals eat here.  Roasted pork, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone, and crushed peppers.  Ask for it dipped back into the pork jus.  Incredible!

The Meatball Shop 
We just started patronizing this NY joint.  Meatball subs that beat up all other meatball subs.  A must.

Bolton’s Spicy Chicken and Fish
Nashville is a treasure trove of eats for musicians.  Botlon’s makes spicy fried chicken that will alter your mental state.  Truly old-school.  They pull no punches so watch your gut.

Closed for Business
Charleston is having a revolution in food right now and CFB is perfect for bands on a budget.  Killer food, killer bar, killer people.


Parkway Bakery and Tavern
New Orleans is famous for Po’ Boys and a ton of establishments serve them.  But none do it quite as right as Parkway.  Price is low, satisfaction is high.

Easy Tiger Bake Shop and Beer Garden 
Austin is a strange place for easy eats.  So many food trucks and Mexican restaurants.  But Easy Tiger makes American fare and one of the coolest back decks look easy amongst the tacos, rice and beans.  Super fresh.  Killer beer bar.

 Gene’s & Jude’s
Hotdogs are a tricky thing.  Chicago lays claim to the country’s best, and Gene & Jude’s backs it up.  A bit of a drive from downtown, but make it happen.  Authentic as authentic gets.

 The National 
The best restaurant in Athens GA housing one of the State’s best Chefs, Peter Dale.  It doesn’t matter what you order.  It is always amazing.

Cole’s French Dip
Downtown LA has had a renaissance in past 10 years but Cole’s has always been there.  Who knows if they really invented the French dip and who cares.  It is so good.  And with a cocktail bar to boot.

Flour + Water 
One of San Fran’s hippest and hottest spots. The homemade pastas and pizzas are terrifyingly good.



Octopus Bar
A late night, chef inhabited, booze-soaked, off the cuff, restaurant inside a restaurant. They don’t open until late which is perfect for a band meal post-show. Chef Angus Brown keeps it real and cheap. The way we like it.






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