I have quite a few high school graduates in my world this May. My son, Emerson, my god-daughter, Carolina and my very own intern, Kakki, are headed to Bucknell, Davidson and SMU respectively!  I’m so proud of all of you and I can’t wait to come visit! The first thing my son said to me upon seeing the dorm at Bucknell, “Mom, I would never deny you the joy of decorating my dorm room.  But just remember I have to be the one to actually live in it – that being said, knock yourself out woman.”

Thinking about these sweet kids who are leaving their mama’s nests, perhaps for the first time, I chose gifts for them that will transform their living spaces next fall and help them feel at home because,  lets face it, most dorm rooms are little more than concrete blocks.  Freshman year can be hard enough with all of the adjustments of living in a new place and space with different people and creating an environment that provides a little bit of GraciousLiving™ has no age limit.

There is a world of wonderful resources out there to decorate a dorm room to give it more personality and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  If you have a little bit of vision and a lot of  space-making savvy these dorm rooms can become retreats of comfort and style.   I have been on the prowl for different gift ideas.  There was none of this available when I was in school and honestly I had as much fun sourcing these things as they will using them – I hope you find some ideas, inspirations and ways to send off the grads in your life with style.

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D2D Design Your Own Headboard

The headboard is the first way to add some impact to that drab dorm room.

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Leigh Deux  Custom Bed Skirts

Space-mecca!  Put that dorm bed up on blocks and order a custom bed skirt that has panels so you can hide things underneath.  It’s a wonderful way to maximize space and it’s always a boon to use more fabric in a space to brighten it.


Sferra Grande Hotel Collection

While I don’t think you need to go crazy on linens for your grads rooms, I do love the look of crisp tailored linens and you really just need a duvet cover and shams to dress up the bed.  I’m pretty sure the young men will just use that duvet and a fitted sheet (go ahead and sigh moms, at least their heads will be resting on egyptian cotton!)  and I doubt they will ever be laundered, but at least they will look and feel like home. I chose to personalize the duvet and shams with monograms from my friends at Number Four Eleven in Savannah.

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Sky Ornament Sheets

I love the idea of a fun pattern sheet to add an element of whimsy to their beds…makes me think it will encourage sweet dreams. By only doing the shams and the duvet in finer linens you can purchase colorful patterned and less expensive sheets to add some oomph and they’ll disguise the fact that they may never get washed!


SFERRA Bello Towels

I am gifting a number of my grads with towels in their future school colors.  Useful while manifesting school spirit!  And Number Four Eleven personalized the towels with full names to help with laundry identification.  Do you see a repeating theme here?

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D2D Custom Fabric Pennant Banners

Boost that school pride a little further with these fun custom banners.

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Flip Lounger

This chic and useful insta-bed for their buddies is a perfect accent.


Personalized Storage Caddy

A perfect way to tote all their toiletries to and fro.


6-Pocket Shower Tote

Because those boys with dirty sheets would kill me if I gave them a monogrammed shower caddy.

For more ideas (we have lots more!) visit my Pinterest page:

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