I am BEYOND thrilled to share my latest collaboration with Chico’s InsideChic #LetsHoliday.

I filed for divorce from an extremely troublesome marriage just after my book “Soiree Entertaining with Style” went to press. I spent the next year in a heightened state of anxiety as I was going through a very bad divorce worrying about how I could handle a book release about a book where everything looked perfect but nothing really was. The more I tried to cover up the behind the scenes, the more it took a tole on me. I worried that companies I worked with, wrote for & places that I did book signings & public appearances with would find the edges of my life too rough & I attempted to keep it all smoothed, rounded & polished. Until one day I just couldn’t because, really how could I be a “lifestyle expert” when my life wasn’t even there anymore & my ex made a calculated point to take the china, silver, crystal & monogrammed linens?

I started talking about that when I did my lectures all over the country & instead of the backlash that I had feared, I found embracing. I also realized a whole lotta other people have had a whole lotta other “renovations” in their own lives & that embracing my imperfect life was perfectly acceptable. “Gracious Living & Stylish”™ is a state of mind. I’m thrilled that Chico’s President and CEO Shelley Broader thinks so too!

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